So this makes me not want to spend my time blogging and writing.. period. Quotes below.

To be alone with God in prayer, until He pours out His Spirit on you and makes you a useful servant.

Go out with your life and Preach the Gospel to the nations that don’t know Christ.

God will get it done without you.

I invite you to a life to real sacrifice and joy unspeakable and glory.

He is worth dying for young men. Don’t waste your life trying to be a theological expert to a bunch of people that probably know more than you do.

I would rather be on the front lines preaching, than jostling for prominence on the stage. Young men, go somewhere and die.

Missions begins with prayer.

I never met an old preacher that regretted spending too much time in prayer. But about everyone regret not spending enough time in prayer.

If you are not a man of prayer, you are not worth 2 cents in the kingdom of heaven. 

Don’t jostle for prominence, that your name would be known in heaven.

To preach properly to those who have never heard.



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